Hacked By MuhmadEmad

Have fun on Sunday and read these short comics
They're fighting over which religion is the most peaceful

Clips of funny animals

Animals can be fun and luckily some got caught on camera. Enjoy.
Monkey in a sweater on a swing and licking a lollipop

Signs, signs, signs

Funny or stupid signs you don't get to see everyday.
The light at the end of the tunnel is a train

Spring time cuteness overload

It's spring time, sun is shining. What could be better than a pack of super cute animals?
Little baby ocelot licking his nose

Farmers selfie: a felfie

There's a new selfie trend: Farmers selfies - the felfie. Check them out here.
Cute farmer girl felfie

Quotes on pictures

Just a bunch of quotes on pictures. We love those.
I saw that - Karma

The best tattoo fails

Sometimes in life, someone, decides to put on a tattoo without much thinking about it. Here are some of the awesome results. Think twice, find and pay a good tattoo artist.
Stupid blond with failed tattoo: living is the stronges(t) drug

30 photos taken at the perfect moment

Feast your eyes on 30 amazing photo opportunities taken at the right time.
Girl with bubbly eyes over glasses

Best photos of the week 4, 2014

Bunch of funny and awesome photos. Enjoy.