The cast of TV show – Bones

Some pictures of main characters in hit TV show: Bones

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  • I don’t think that this will kill the show, it will definitely make poelpe tune in for next season because of this, i mean who hasn’t wanted booth and bones together since the start? Now they are, moving a lot quicker then expected but still, they are together. Also, we have to look at the fact that Hodginson and Angela just had a baby and now that Brennan is pregnant and having a baby its just going to seem odd that the writers will put two pregnancies so close together. If poelpe think that another baby will kill the show then the writers might just make it that the baby wont make it? seems horrible but it is what TV shows writers do best. No one stays happy for too long in TV shows but apart from that i think it will be good to the relationship of Brennan and booth with a baby. Also, does anyone else think that in this season coming a serial killer of sorts will appear attacking pregnant women or something along that line? Season Finale will be like a major cliff hanger I bet over who lives and who dies .always happens. Last season cliffhanger was happy(of sorts), the next one will be sad/scary.

  • Actually, this is the real extended veoirsn that FOX provided. The extended kiss you had up a few days ago from YouTube was a fan made extended veoirsn, combining the actual kiss showed and the extended veoirsn FOX provided.I’m not sure if anyone knew that, but if you did, than I can laugh at myself *blushes* lol And, you can feel free to laugh at me 😉