Reflexology foot massage is an energy massage based on recognition that every part of the body responds to a precise point on the feet. By applying pressure on these reflex points, one can release and balance the whole body. It is intended for all those who wish to know how to massage the feet, learn more about millennial old natural healing  and relaxing the whole body.

Reflexology foot massage

Reflexology foot massage

Each of us can be our own doctor. A foot massage is the oldest First aid. It was used thousands of years ago by the Chinese, Indians, Egyptians an also by the Hebrews as part of the ceremony. Its essence is in the relevant zones, which interweave our body in ten vertical flows and are most clearly reflected in feet and hands, as well as in the ears and eyes.

For primitive man, who walked barefoot, foot massage was not necessary. Energy balance was maintained by the contact with the earth, because the surplus energy flowed into it. In today’s lifestyle that’s nearly impossible. It seems as if we were torn away from our mother earth, and there is more and more illness around us from day to day.


Foot reflexology is one of the natural methods of treatment, which activates the healing powers of the body, helps prevent disease, calms the nerves, strengthens the immune system, affects internal organs and other body parts.
Each body part is associated with a specific reflex area of the foot – by massaging these zones, we influence the functioning of the organs, stimulate the flow of energy through the body and establish the inner balance and health. Because of unhealthy diets, lack of exercise and stress, the nerve endings on the feet accumulate uric acid and calcium salt crystals (jammed toxins in the body), which inhibits the functioning of various organs. By kneading, these subcutaneous crystals decompose and are then eliminated from the body through the blood and sewage authorities (sweat, urine,…) and organs begin to operate optimally again.

Reflexotherapy operates in all parts of human being: revitalizes energy, through the feet we associate with Earth Energy, releases energy blockages (suppressed or restrained emotions), acts on the autonomic nervous system and affects the operation of internal organs (respiration, excretion, heart, blood flow to the brain and muscles) and the functioning of the endocrine glands.


Reflexology foot massage map of energy zones

Reflexology foot massage map of energy zones

The massage is best if the patient lies relaxed and masseur sit slightly lower. When you’re massaging yourself, find the most comfortable position. Massage in circle, with your thumb, as if you’re cracking sugar; you can also use a wooden pencil or special equipment, rollers. The pressure should be of moderate intensity and depth. First of all, become familiar with each foot separately, touch it with both hands and give it warmth from your hands for a minute. In doing so, the patient should inhale and exhale for a few times. This will help the patient relax. Initial massage should last no more than five minutes, you will increase the time of massage gradually, but keep in mind that the daily foot massage should not last longer than fifteen minutes. With first, stronger touch with the finger on the foot, we can identify greater or lesser health problems based on pain zones or small granules, we can feel (according to intensity of pain, stiffness and swelling zone).

You can chase away or heal the health problem with the correct pressure with which you eliminate the granules. It is amazing how accurately recorded  is the map of whole body health in the foot. There have been cases when even the irregularities in the growth of the spine correct and with only one or two massages per week.


  • It creates a deep relaxation
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Improves blood circulation in the body
  • It increases the natural resistance
  • It creates a solid, deep sleep
  • Revitalizes energy
  • It is a prevention method for maintaining health
  • Improves concentration and mental function
  • Enhances emotional balance
  • Improves quality of life
  • Stimulates creativity
Reflexology foot massage for babies

Reflexology foot massage for babies

Reflexology foot massage works best for children, because parents massage them with all their love. It can also help patients before and after surgery, pregnant women who have swelling legs, asthmatics that have allergies, people with gallstones and kidney stones.  The preventive foot massage can prevent common cold, influenza, bronchitis and similar ailments of the civilized world. If you are persistent, you can even override sciatica and back problems.

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    • Good oiervvew, however Sports massage is also used for realignment of muscle fibers not just the Orthopedic massage. Massage is good for a number of conditions and illnesses, and generally more often than not it is the feel good factor and relaxation that are the positive effects post massage, rather than any medical cures. However we must remember that it is also contraindicated for other illnesses such as Cancer, as massage could encourage the cancer to spread and cause possible illnesses such as lymphedema.Overall though for the general population massage should be a regular part of most peoples lives both for general feel good factor and the prevention of injuries.

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