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  • you can’t drink your on urine because it is full of txnois- Bunk!! Only if you are sick, on drugs, etc. Do a little basic research. Many a man has survived from drinking his urine. Read Sufferings in Africa for one good example.I frankly do not understand how sleeping in a Hotel makes someone fake? And yes there are plenty of things that Bear does that would get the average Joe in deep trouble if they tried the same. However he has climbed Everest and sailed the South Seas. And if he was SAS TA and not regular SAS that is by no means a cub scout organization. Why he always seems to want to eat stuff alive and kicking vs building a fire and cooking it is beyond me. Les on the other hand sometimes gives the impression that he could go hungry in a supermarket. Oh yeah and lets not forgot the African plains one where he thinks it is a good idea to poke a stick in a hole it was full of some pretty nasty wasps! Les has studied under some great survivalists including John McPherson (Prairie Wolf).As another article pointed out here there are two different philosphies in the two shows. Les is more about surviving where you are whereas Bear is all about getting back to civilization.I have attended some survival schools included Air Force SERE & Tom Brown’s and I can see useful information in both shows. I enjoy watching both though I do get more chuckles from Bear. I particularly laughed hard when he drank the liquid from the camels stomach and then regurgitated all of it almost immediately.If you are into survival then watch both. There is something to be learned. Bear’s technique for determining N,S,E,W will work whether he stayed in the Hilton or on a rock outcropping the night before. And Les’ techniques for building a fire from a variety of sources work even if he can’t figure out that you should not sleep on the ground in the jungle or freezes his butt off because he can’t remember that thing called a debris hut .I like em both, and would love to go on an outing with Les don’t think I could keep up with Bear- and I sure as hell am not crawling into some dank small cave thank you very much!

  • OK,this is the last time im gonna say this.Bear,you are a good showman,thats all. Your SAS hirtsoy is a bit out to fucking lunch, I’ve watched your shows to see what you’ve got in the way of survival and all I’ve seen was bullshit. Yes, I understand it is a show and that things have to be speeded up, so you get your crew to help you along the way. so far all I see is someone who is full of energy and you actually waste alot of it finding all these berries to make water taste better and to get rid of impurities. Hell man,i’m in the army and I had to go without water for a long time without any goddamn energy and I wasn’t looking for these magic berries you take because I had no energy to waste. I had to use it to drag my fucking carcass over the next ridge or R.V. You were in the TA or militia,part time hobbyist,having a fun time till your mom came and picked you up after the weekend was done. I will watch your show for the occasional hoot and guffaw, but I know it is full of shite,thanks for the laffs Bear ..now on to Les. Well yeah,you bitch alot,I mean you bitch more then I do in the field, but that has to be expected when your cold ,wet and tired. But like all soldiers, if your not complaining,thats when something is really wrong. I think your version shows no bullshit, I was looking all the time to see if your camera moved by itself and I havent seen it. Meaning you got a crafty cameraman or your really out there by yourself. Myself and another army buddy argue all the time about you two and I think I have finally proved that you were the best. You actually do survival shit, its not easy and that the way Bear makes it look. That time you were down in the jungle and you had to pull back was the best one you did. It just proves sometimes you can’t beat it, you have to know your limitations. Bear just doesn’t see his, because he hasn’t really done it. Great shows Les, please keep it up.