Cute kitty-cats, dogs and others

Cute cats, dogs and other animals.

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  • Natalie

    SOooooooooooo Cute……I wish I can meet them and cuddle with them….=D

  • Gracie38

    I want that bunny. Badly.

    • It wouldn’t be fair to the cat or the dogs or you. The dogs were there first, so why stesrs them out by bringing in a new cat? Why endanger the cat (either by injury or death) by putting it in a situation where it would be constantly confined and frightened? And you, always afraid the cat will get out of your room or having to always know the dogs’ whereabouts in order to keep your animals separated how stesrsful. You wouldn’t be able to completely enjoy your dogs or your cat.

  • Dawn

    What kind of dog is #15, cute puppy???????

    • I think that you should do a show about over fedeing, and caring for animals because i looked up fat cat and most of the cats can’t even walk and offten die because their lungs get crushed, Also there was a picture of this 380 lbs dog on a beach his owners dumped him there hopeing that someone would put him down the poor dog couldn’t even move but someone started to give him diet food for dogs and after he lost 100 lbs in like 4 months the guy took him to the vet and after a while he took the dog home with him now the dog is a happy 140 lbs. so you see these animals need your help if no one helps these animals they will probably end up dead or no the streets please help please.I feel sorry for that kitten I hope (s)he gets to felling better. ByeF.B

  • Yes, absolutely. I think it’ll be one or two weeks beorfe the kittens come. You should let your cat get plenty of rest and make her feel cozy. Bring her food closer to her bed and make sure the litter box is near (but not too near). Try to treat her as well as possible, stroke her at times, and talk to her softly and reassuringly. Don’t bother her with shouts, door slams, loud noise, blaring music, blaring television, etc. Give her some peace and quiet and give her some small toys to keep her entertained. As for the kittens, I think Daisy, Rosie, Nebula, Cadet, Linda, Liam, Dave, Kathy, Danny, Riley, Laurel, and Haru are all good names for cats. (Haru is spring in Jap) Good luck and I hope your cat has a happy pregnancy!

  • OMG!!!! CUTE!!

  • :3