Another delivery of fail

Here's another amazing delivery of fail moments!

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  • The great boxing trienar Angelo Dundee (Muhammad Ali, Suger Ray Leonard, and more) use to forbid use of the word tired in his corner during a match. Of course they were tired. They were boxing for crying out loud. Same goes for cycling. Never think the word. Of course you’re tired. You just cycled up a hill or something. But banish the word from your thinking and just accept this is the way you are supposed to feel when you pedal somewhere. It’s not a bad thing; but when you assign the word tired to it, it has a negative connotation that can have an effect on your overall mental state of mind. Forget the Woe is me I’m tired and revel in having pedaled somewhere when you competition is home chunking up!And you’re bum will eventually get used to the saddle. Give it time.