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  • chunks


    • Tim

      Yeah. Give links! I want that clock!

      • Screw the clocks I want the sword handle unbrellas!

      • I don’t know your name, so I will call you EML. I definitely did not think you were caunisg drama. I just left that short comment in support of the original commenter that you replied to because I kinda felt bad for her. It was a little harsh, but I totally understand you now. No big deal. I had already forgotten about it. I did not see that you were called a name. That is VERY inappropriate and I’m sorry that happened to you. I think Jenna must have deleted it.Please try not to stress over it. By the looks of her comment section, nobody cared anyway. And like I said, it was already put out of my mind.I do commend you for feeling the need to apologize and do damage control. That is super nice and very mature of you. Also .I have scoped out your blog. Super great and added to my blogroll.

    • Thanks for your honesty, Dawn. It’s so hard when you want to work stmeohing out, but have no control to do so. I’m encouraged by the way you realize you’ve done all you can do. I tend to take the blame on myself, but there comes a point when you sort of have to through your hands up and leave it at the Lord’s doorstep, which it looks like you’ve done. I’ll be praying. And remember, people hated Jesus for no good reason, too.

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