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Bored? Kill some time with these 30 funny comics.

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  • Even the Atlas Comics logo looks? a bit like marvel acsros the top of the page. Still looks like you have some pretty unique comics in your collection. Star Slayers looks awesome i may have to track that one down. I for one look for old stuff more than new stuff these days guess I’m getting old.

  • Damn Ed! U’re makin’ me feel really? aneinct w/ that Brute comic. I had that book God!! l hated StarSlayer!!! Mike Grell was a more generic Neal Adams wanna-be than Siekiewicz was, back in the day!Now that Avengers 4ever was fan-effin-tastic!!! Busiek was able 2 make me briefly care about time travel adventures, which is rare, 4 me.Gr8 stuff, Ed!neal Adams