I love food

I love food, I love nice things ... and here they come together. Food art.

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  • Filipa I can’t explain why i don’t like board games I guess I’m just relaly bad at them?? Ice cream just doesn’t do it for me, I’d rather have frozen yoghurt or a milkshake. Weird huh! Lists certainly are grand! Do you know the listography journals? Great ideas for list making!Elle I never seem to learn how to play card games either. It seems like you need to invest a lot of time into it to learn all the games, and I’d just forget how to play them again after a few weeks away from it.Catherine_sr Thanks and I agree about the dislike space!Louise Glad to have helped inspire you to make that list! Have you posted it online anywhere?

  • marilyn

    Loved the Ideas for making decorating fun