So you’re in bed. You’re snug. You’re cosy. You don’t want to get out ever! But here’s 9 yoga poses to help your sleepy self get up. 1. Savasana- just chill for a bit and breath deeply and enjoy that sun streaming in 2. Cobra- stretch that back like the crazy cat you are ... Continue reading

Most muscle soreness is caused by inflammation due to muscle tearing, not lactic acid.

We truly are unique in so many ways. While it ca be good to take note of what others do to achieve their goals, always remember that your body will respond to it’s own stimuli. So don’t think you need to be bench pressing 305lbs to get a barrel chest. Start slow and work smarter, ... Continue reading

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Surya Namaskar (¨saluting the sun¨), a set of asanas (positions), which are implemented in virtually all styles of yoga at the start of the exercise and as a tribute, greeting or thanks to a new day, has a myriad of benefits. It is one of the most comprehensive and commendable exercises in yoga.

Tibetan exercises of rejuvenation.

Five Tibetan exercises or five rites of rejuvenation are simple physical exercises of Tibetan monks. For millenniums, exercises are carried out as a part of rituals and tradition, which is transmitted from generation to generation. All of them are youthful appearance, there are no noticeable elders. With the help of these exercises and healthy diet, they are able to stop or at least slow the aging process.

Girl practising balance

?I must be right. Never taken an aspirin. Never injured a day in my life. The whole country, the whole world should be doing my exercises. They would be happier.? (Joseph Pilates, age 86)

Girl breathing while doing pilates

?Breathing is the first act of the life, and the last... above all, learn how to breathe correctly.? (Joseph Pilates)

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Pilates practisers should always be attentive to these principles, both during learning and performance of the specific work. They are the foundation of this mind - body system and make the Pilates method so unique.

Joseph Pilates doing pilates

?To achieve the highest accomplishments within the scopes of our capabilities in all walks of life, we must constantly strive to acquire strong, healthy bodies and develop our minds to the limit of our ability.? - (Joseph Pilates; Return To Life Through Contrology)