Clips of funny animals

Animals can be fun and luckily some got caught on camera. Enjoy.
Monkey in a sweater on a swing and licking a lollipop

Spring time cuteness overload

It's spring time, sun is shining. What could be better than a pack of super cute animals?
Little baby ocelot licking his nose

15 cutest animal clips

Did you want to see cute little piggy taking a bath? Or kitty attacking dog and being cute at it? What about kittens? I know you love kittens. Love 'em, they're cute!
Little piggy taking a bath. He's adorable.

Cutest animals of December

There is no better way to start the December than with a cuteness overload. We're going to need it in the year to come.
The fluffiest of the monkeys

Cute animal couples

Even animals cannot resist the urge to spend some romantic time together. Enjoy these photos and let it be inspiration for you.
Lovebird couple

Sexy guys and cute kitten

Let's explode the Internet with sexy guys and cute kittens side-by-side. Enjoy!
Robert Downey Jr. and kitten show karate pose

For a cute weekend

Just to make sure you'll have a cute weekend, here are some of the cutest animals!
Kitten praying to cat gods

Cute animals clips

The cuteness overload you'll endure watching these clips is way too high! Watch with precaution!
Kittens kiss

Funniest animals

A cute pack of funny animals to keep us amused!
White goat with awesome hairdo

The worlds most photogenic kitten

The worlds most photogenic and cute kitten ever. See him play, rollover, beg and think about world problems. He can do it all! Adorable!
Holding the jeans on bed