The best tattoo fails

Sometimes in life, someone, decides to put on a tattoo without much thinking about it. Here are some of the awesome results. Think twice, find and pay a good tattoo artist.
Stupid blond with failed tattoo: living is the stronges(t) drug

People fail sometimes

Sometimes our brains make incorrect calculation and that's what happens. We fail; and we fail badly.
Girl trying to do a sexy pole dance move.

Think twice before getting a tattoo

There were some bad decisions involved while these people got their tattoos - or maybe they are plain stupid. You decide. It's fun to watch, none-the-less.
This is where i poo ...

Don’t do that to your kids

Parenting fails or: Do not do these things to your kids. Especially the guns and dangerous animals.
Kid with beer and adult lighting him a cigarette in his mouth

Celebrate Easter with fail

Bunch of awesome failures to get you through Easter.
Light switch with two children and a Jesus Christ. Touch it! C'mon, touch it!

Short fail clips

To make you feel special, here are some awesome short fail clips.
Two girls try to take a photo of themselves end up turning the camera the wrong way. Stupid and classical blonde moment.

Ridiculous failures

Sometimes, something, somewhere goes completely wrong - and here's the proof.
Girl wearing Nirvana t-shirt has no idea who Kurt Cobain was.

Awesome mistakes

Awesome failures, mostly by people. Advice: always plan ahead
Always follow your own advice: plan ahead

Awesome fails

Some of the finest bad decisions recorded with a camera.
Checker face tattoo fail

Restart fail 2012

We had server disk failure. Here's fail restarted for 2012.
Sexy girl takes dog for a walk fail