You failed again

I just love it when people fail and fail gets caught on camera :)
TNT truck hit the bridge

August dose of failure

This months dose of failures!
They were giving out free Dr. Peppers t-shirts: double penetration

Another delivery of fail

Here's another amazing delivery of fail moments!
Redbull girl fail pour redbull into car gas tank

What the F***?

There are tons of WTF moments and here's a small collection of them.
Two guys, sexy asian and horse masks. This isn't going to end well.

Books you don’t want to read

You'll find the most amazingly stupid books flying around that you most certainly don't want to read!
Folded pages to read

Just plain stupid

Just a dump of plain stupid images.
Stupid band name: The Gayes

A lot of GIFs – Part 2

Another huge update with GIFs in a part 2 of 2.
Two cute bunnies in a cup

Signs that make you go … Uhmm

Signs can make your day better if they're funny and strange ... or found on a beautiful, sexy woman!
Sexy girl wearing a t-shirt: no boyfriend no problem (sign) :)

Facebook people are crazy

Facebook wall posts and comments are full of fail!
Tatoo: it means picnic table

Awesome family photos

Here's a set of most strange, funny and awesome pictures of families.
house burning down in the background