Clips of funny animals

Animals can be fun and luckily some got caught on camera. Enjoy.
Monkey in a sweater on a swing and licking a lollipop

Farmers selfie: a felfie

There's a new selfie trend: Farmers selfies - the felfie. Check them out here.
Cute farmer girl felfie

30 photos taken at the perfect moment

Feast your eyes on 30 amazing photo opportunities taken at the right time.
Girl with bubbly eyes over glasses

Best photos of the week 4, 2014

Bunch of funny and awesome photos. Enjoy.

Best photos of week 51, 2013

Almost last week of the year 2013. Wish you happy and funny holidays.
Do not read the next sentence. You little rebel. I like you.

Best Christmas trees for 2014

A collection of best Christmas trees found by the end of year 2013.
Behold, and be in awe.

15 Vintage tech ads

15 vintage tech ads to help you get a feel of computers 30 years ago. 10MB disk for $3k. Awesome.
Datacomp: This is a computer? You bet your sweet telex operator it is!

Awesome pranks

Clips of awesome pranks. Check them out for some laugh.
Kid drinking on the other side of glass doors

Nicely timed sports photos

See some funny and awesome photos taken during sports events. It's a blast.
Boxer got hit to his nose