Clips of funny animals

Animals can be fun and luckily some got caught on camera. Enjoy.
Monkey in a sweater on a swing and licking a lollipop

15 cutest animal clips

Did you want to see cute little piggy taking a bath? Or kitty attacking dog and being cute at it? What about kittens? I know you love kittens. Love 'em, they're cute!
Little piggy taking a bath. He's adorable.

People fail sometimes

Sometimes our brains make incorrect calculation and that's what happens. We fail; and we fail badly.
Girl trying to do a sexy pole dance move.

Awesome pranks

Clips of awesome pranks. Check them out for some laugh.
Kid drinking on the other side of glass doors

Cute animals clips

The cuteness overload you'll endure watching these clips is way too high! Watch with precaution!
Kittens kiss

Funny animals clips

Animals in funny situations sure make it high on my daily to-do list.
Bunny eating a banana

A pack of sexy GIFs for everyone

Bunch of celebrities, random sexy guys and girls being their best: sexy.
Norman Reedus wishes you happy Valentine's day with a red rose

Sporting moments

Funny, awesome and failed sporting moments in short clips (GIF).
Now that's some soccer. The cameraman must have been pissed.

Have fun watching these GIFs

Bunch of funny GIFs to make this sunny day a perfect day smiling.
Have a joy of watching two bouncing tits (birds)

Short cute animals clips

What's more cute than a picture of a cute animals? A set of pictures of cute animals that made up a clip. Awww all over your keyboard.
An awesome high-quality GIF of two Arctic wolf babies playing with it's mother by biting her and mother enjoys it!