Awesome set of GIFs

Cinemgraphs and other cool GIFs for your viewing pleasure
Cinemagraph: glass and smoke ... just watch it!

Short fail clips

To make you feel special, here are some awesome short fail clips.
Two girls try to take a photo of themselves end up turning the camera the wrong way. Stupid and classical blonde moment.

Funny animals GIFs

Bunch of funny animals in animated picture.
Baby cat almost falls down from being too sleepy

17 awesome GIFs

17 GIFs full of cinemagraphs, awesome products, science and some celebrities.
Cinemagraph: City lights at 2 AM

Animated animals fun

More funny and cute pictures of animals. Now animated for even more fun and awww!
Timid little loris

Amazing GIF pack

Another amazing GIF's package. Check out the new cinema-graph sensation.
Amazing cinema-graph

Funny animals

Funny animals in moving edition. It's getting better and better. Enjoy!
Incredibly sweet pup

Random GIFs

Some random, but never-the-less amazing GIF's for your viewing pleasure.
Iron man doing his job

GIFs to help you abandon thread

Since there are ever growing amount of stupid threads on various forums and such, here are some animations to help you go out with style.
OMG, with baseball bat


It's time to have fun with animated GIFs!
Olivia Wilde, I have awesome tits ... and I shake them