Most muscle soreness is caused by inflammation due to muscle tearing, not lactic acid.

We truly are unique in so many ways. While it ca be good to take note of what others do to achieve their goals, always remember that your body will respond to it’s own stimuli. So don’t think you need to be bench pressing 305lbs to get a barrel chest. Start slow and work smarter, ... Continue reading

Nicely timed sports photos

See some funny and awesome photos taken during sports events. It's a blast.
Boxer got hit to his nose

Sporting moments

Funny, awesome and failed sporting moments in short clips (GIF).
Now that's some soccer. The cameraman must have been pissed.

Awesome sports moments

Athletics, basketball, football, soccer, baseball, tennis ... all sports can be funny, if captured at the right moment!
Gymnastic super derp

Correctly timed sports photos

Sports images timed for your viewing pleasure and laughter!
Hockey combined with Kung-Fu

Sport timed for your pleasure

Random sporting moments in pictures full of funny and fail!
Funny sports: dirt motorbike looses bikes on jump

Sporting Basketball moments

Some funny sporting moments from courts of Basketball.
Funny sports basketball: the look

Sporting soccer (football) moments

Interesting pictures taken while playing soccer (european football). Some funny moments there.
Funny sports football soccer: scared of the ball

Funny American football moments

Pictures taken in awckward moments during an American football matches.
Funny sports american football: women from behind