15 Vintage tech ads

15 vintage tech ads to help you get a feel of computers 30 years ago. 10MB disk for $3k. Awesome.
Datacomp: This is a computer? You bet your sweet telex operator it is!

In search for these products

Help me find these awesome products! Maybe early ideas for Christmas presents?
Most creative high heel ever seen

More or less useless products

World is full of more or less useless products. Here's 30 of them and you decide.
Mobile phone and charger holder

Ingenious products

I know some of the products listed in this post are pretty dumb and useless. But still, which one would you buy and not feel stupid buying it? :)
Want to share cigarette with your love one?

Awesome products

Amazing products you should check out and probably own!
Forever alone towel

Mobile phone of the future

Gallery of pictures showing future mobile phones. Foldable,extra-thin, 3D, hologram and more!